Angel deejay (born in Padua, Venice Area, Northern Italy), grew up listening to the disco hits spread by the Italian radios during the late 70´s and throughout the 80´s.  After an experience as music selector in a local radio (RADIO BASE 101) at the beginning of the 90´s , he started practicing djing exclusively with turntables @ Jack Dj´s home, (an important dj @ underground disco BOOMERANG CLUB in Padua at the end of the 80´s), learning to beatmixing the hard-to-beatmix vinyls of the period 1978- 1984 of a North Italian underground music direction called "afro music" which was a miscellaneous of afroamerican funk, jazz, rare grooves, disco-funk, electronic, reggae, dub, and rock, from which, by using drum breaks, equalizing effects, lowering and increasing of the speed of the records, a kind of "tribal" sound came out in some way…  (for further reference, see Wikipedia webseite:  >>>>>

Collecting hundreds of tapes (and consequentely of records) of discotheques related to it, he developed a unique sound experience moving in all directions, even if he focussed on the sound of the most famous alternative Italian club of the 70´s: the BAIA DEGLI ANGELI (1975-1980), with its unique mixing of Philadelphia soulful sound proposed by the two American resident Djs TOM SISON & BOB DAY first, and in a second phase with the electro-afro-funky-jazz sound provided by Djs MOZART, BALDELLI, and RUBENS.  

In summer 1995, starting joining some parties in a Padua´s discobar, AQUITANIA, moved soon to EUGANEUS DISCOBAR on the Euganean hills, where he started with other djs his "AFROFUNKY WEDNESDAY".  After that experience, He moved to a real club, DEMOS CLUB, arranging crowded parties together with guest star dj GIOVANNI TURIACO (Ex BOOMERANG CLUB).


From 1999 he joined a group of deejays (among which A.MARTIN, hystorical Dj of RADIO PADOVA) organizing private parties in a Padua´s Loft (whose name "ROTATION" was inspired by the homonym 70´s track of the jazz composer HERB ALPERT). The same situation became also public in spring 2000 @ CRAZY COCKTAILS club, and gave him the occasion to mix disco-funk with the second golden age of house music.

Meanwhile, thanks also to a pleasant stay in Paris, he took confidence with the new current rising in little clubs in those years: the so called LOUNGE MUSIC. Loving it at-first-sight, Angel started proposing this music direction in clubs and discobars into Venice area, mixing it with related sounds, such as jazz-house, funky-house and tribal-house.

After that moment it was an escalation: ST.JOHN´S PUB, DOLCE VITA CLUB, NACHT CAFÈ, EYES CLUB, VOODOO CHILD PUB, ´After Hour´ parties @ BUBBLE GUM CLUB in Venice, just to name some… Meanwhile he was be contacted in 2002 by the funk & hip-hop legend dj CISO (PALLADIUM DISCO) for supporting him @ DIRTY MARY CLUB, releasing his black & soulful knowledge. In spring 2003, he played live every Sunday evening @ one of the first italian internet radio, RADIO DANGEROUS, founded by the husband of the lead singer of the 90´s famous house band BLACK BOX. Together with two friends playing there, Djs GURU & BERNY, he cooperated @ BUNKER STUDIO project, supporting the creation of lounge & deep tunes destined to the compilations of BILLIONAIRE, Sardinia, one of the most exclusive italian and european club at that time, developing also his own music productions.

From 2003 he started an excellent collaboration with CAFÉ ROMA in Vicenza for exclusive dance parties & company events (among which DIESEL fashion brand and VODAFONE) and with the historical local discotheque  LEROI, moving then to other clubs such as DORIAN GRAY discotheque in Verona, having the honour of spinning records together with the legendary hystorical Italian funky djs LODA & RUBENS…  In 2003 Angel begun on the Adriatic coast an enthusiastic season @ MAMA'S club and BARRACUDA discotheque; from Autumn 2004 started spinning the records for MOTIVI CAFÉ and the nearby SUGARREEF CLUB in Treviso, just before leaving for Düsseldorf in 2005, bringing his musical background with a taste of italian flair into Germany.  

In 2006 he started playing for one of the Top 10 cocktail clubs of Düsseldorf: the RIVER CAFÉ, directly on the Rhine promenade, mixing selected lounge music with finest electrodeep house music, gifting this location a pure Ibiza feeling. Occasionally, was also djsetting @ 3001 DISCO in Düsseldorf.

From 2008 he became support Dj for INDIANA NIGHTLOUNGE (the german affiliated of the Formentera´s main location, for whose compilation he was asked for the track "bad things about him"), a real institution of the nightlife of Düsseldorf, spinning together with the legendary Dj ZAMBO providing the crowd with a new miscellaneous of pure Balearic House and latin beats, alternating Dj sets at the nearby LLUSTWANDELL CLUB together with Dj RAY CLARK, becoming part of the nightlife of Düsseldorf, playing also in several other locations for fashion shows, fair events, weddings, b-day parties, company parties for important brands such as TOMMY HILFIGER (with a live session together with the famous singer UDO LINDENBERG), LOUIS VUITTON, CONVERSE, just to name some.

In recent years he founded a disco-funk aperitif project called BAIAPERITIVO, which took place on the Rimini seashore; on the other side, in Germany, had the honour of joining the staff of the magnificent  “FUNKY FRIDAY” nights @ LES HALLES DISCO, together with Dj-legend BRUCE ROBERTSON and, consequently, to be contacted to becoming resident dj for APARTMENT CLUB in Mönchengladbach for a similar party serie (FUNKY SATURDAYS – 40 years of funk), turntabling together with Dj MARTIN, from the legendary UNIQUE CLUB of Düsseldorf.


Last but not least, Angel joined the staff of the Düsseldorf´s RBB RHEIN BEACH BEATS, a summer party serie, in which, djsetting together with Dj LUKE NAVARRO & Dj FRANCESCO GIACOMO (NYC), excited crowds of party people moving through different locations of the metropole; moreover was invited to play behind the decks of the newcoming club MYSTERY DISCO in Padua.

Previous to these recent musical adventures,  already in 2008 he was contacted by the CANOO LOUNGECLUB, a boat adapted to restaurant and disco club docked at the Rhine side, gifted with one of the best view of the Düsseldorf skyline, being resident Dj for 10 years until today, playing balearic sounds in dreaming lounging Sunday afternoons in summer, and for every kind of event all through the year.

The show must go on…& goes on...

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